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Brian Pesti

Throughout my career, the common theme goal has always been to work hard and positively impacting the lives of customers, suppliers and each other.

Fresh out of high school I started work as a machine operator at a mid-sized plastic injection molding company. 15 years later, moving up the ranks I was responsible for Scheduling, Warehousing and the Purchasing department. Holding most positions in the company provided the priceless experience of learning what makes a business function, inside and out. Throughout this period, many manufactures closed their doors which provided opportunities to obtain large existing programs. These instances developed my talent for integrating systems seamlessly while either maintaining strong reputations with new customers or increasing our value past what the previous molder had established.

In 2014 my father had grown his young plastics company to a point where he could no longer manage the shop floor and front office by himself. He offered the Plant Manager position which I eagerly accepted as I wanted to earn my place as a key factor in helping grow the family business. Working closely with my father taught me how to think like an owner, from employee morale to understanding company financials.

A year later I was proposed the idea of purchasing a small rubber molding company by the owner who was looking to retire. This opportunity would allow me to apply skills I developed in manufacturing while creating my own lane in a different style of molding and to have a larger impact on helping people. So, the plan was simple; pay off the company acquisition over 3 years by working at my father’s shop during the day and running Pesti Rubber Manufacturing at night. Although this period of my life was difficult, I always held onto this quote: “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

Today we are several times larger than our humble beginnings with state-of-the-art machinery and a strong team that have one goal; positively impacting the lives of our customers, suppliers and each other.

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Brian J. Pesti, President

Pesti Rubber Manufacturing
25211 Mound Rd, Warren, MI 48091
Office Phone: (586) 920-2761

Our Mission

Pesti Rubber Manufacturing is a growing rubber molding company that operates under traditional values. We are equip to handle prototype, low volume/service and production orders. Through our knowledgeable supply base we are capable of building a mold that fits your needs; from basic, low cost tooling all the way to intricate high volume ones for competitive piece price. We have customer relationships both locally as well as internationally and manufacture parts in the following fields; Automotive, Maintenance, Marine, Sports & Fitness, Science and Electronics

In this era of spreadsheets and social networking we are focused more on personal relationships. We believe it’s all about the people. Whether its customers, employees or suppliers, helping them helps you. We strive to surround ourselves with like minded people who are fueled by meeting needs and adding value. If you share in this thinking we would love to hear from you.